Track/Product Support

Track and Product Support

Customer Support

We offer installation support to all our customers who purchase Alfano products from our web site, via track sales or from us over the phone.

We can assist installation over the phone or if we are at the track we will help install and set up the equipment up to get you up and running. We will help with connection to a Bluetooth tablet or phone. If you need help with a laptop, we can provide support on the ADA Alfano Software. We also have experience with the OCD software which is a 3rd party software where you can overlay AIM and Alfano.

The Alfano 6 comes with a 5 year limited warranty and the rest of the product range is a 2 year limited warranty. It does not cover devices / items broken in accidents or if misused / abused.

Any item that that needs replacing under the limited warranty will be done either one for one basis at the track or sent off to the factory for repair.

Track Support / Driver Coaching

The team offer test day, race day or weekends support packages to users of Alfano products (Alfano 6, ADSGPS and Tyrecontrol V2). The team have experience from working for Several Formula 1 Teams, F3, BTCC, DTM and other high-profile race series.

We provide data analyst and coaching services for driver and teams. From Bambino Karts, Cadets to Senior Class drivers using the Alfano units. We do not share any of the data with other drivers or teams unless given in writing by you the owner of the data.

The Team are CRB Checked. 

In the school holidays we do private track hire with a maximum of 10 karts across Bambino / Cadet / Micro Max karts.  

The aim of the coaching sessions are to teach the driver and mechanic how to get the best from the unit and software. We can also provide driver coaching on track at all levels via ourselves or recommend and checked instructors who are experienced with karts and cars who know the Alfano equipment. 

We provide designed support packages for your needs and budgets. Group training is available and recommended as it keeps the costs down. 

If you need more information and costs then email


Magnetic Strip for Tracks

The team can provide replacement magnetic strips in 1 metre lengths to clubs and tracks to repair damaged or missing strips. These are needed to support your customers using timing devices that are triggered using the magnetic pick-ups installed on the karts.

For tracks / clubs who have resurfaced and needs new strips installing we can provide a complete install service. Costs is down to the number of strips / sectors needed / width of track and track location within the UK. POA.

Price is on Application. Email

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