ALFANO KRONOS v2 with Bluetooth

Chronometer / Stopwatch

KRONOS v2 is a device that counts in 8 different timing modes; the timing modes have 1 to 4 individual chronometers entirely independent from one another, allowing to memorise 99 laps of 9’59”99 for each one with a maximum of 9 split times per chronometer.


You will enjoy effortlessly timing up to 4 competitors without even looking at the chronometer. The display is very clear and equipped with exceptional contrast, which is typical for all ALFANO-systems. While the KRONOS v2 is sturdy, it is also completely waterproof «IP56 » and, in other words, adapted to any situation. 


  • Manual stopwatch which enables you to time up to 4 karts at the same time.
  • Bluetooth Connection.
  • Timing to the hundredth of a second
  • Memory: 99 laps, up to 9 split times per lap for each timer
  • 8 mode timing
  • Reminder of total laps
  • Reminder of fastest laps
  • Clear and precise
  • Dimensions 120mm X 70mm
  • Power 1 X CR2450 battery

ALFANO KRONOS v2  Bluetooth Stopwatch

ALFANO KRONOS v2 Bluetooth Stopwatch

NEW ALFANO KRONOS v2 PRE ORDER - DUE APRIL Bluetooth Chronometer / StopwatchKRONOS v2 is a..


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